😳 „Das Aussehen des Models unterscheidet sich vollständig von dem, was online zu finden ist: Wie sieht Kate Moss ohne Make-up und Photoshop aus?“ 🤯

„The Freak Girl Revealed Her Old Pictures: Before All the Surgery, She Was Truly An Angel! The supermodel in her unaltered, makeup-free form has been the subject of debate in the Western media due to recent paparazzi images of Kate Moss.

These unprocessed photos stand in stark contrast to the extensively manipulated ones. Known as “the biggest smoker of all time,” Kate was spotted smoking a cigarette outside a London restaurant with her father and brother, despite her recent declarations that she was moving from tobacco to vaping to lead a better lifestyle. Kate, 49, looks very different from her well-manicured social media persona in the raw images.

The British fashion star, who was formerly known for her wild ways and drug usage, has now tried to put self-care first. She announced her sobriety and debuted her skincare product brand two years ago.

Even though Kate says she’s changed her lifestyle, her skin still shows the effects of her turbulent past.

Still, she now declares her commitment to health, starting her days with yoga or Pilates rather than late-night drinking.“

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