🙄“Warum findet Drew Barrymore es angenehm, ohne Unterwäsche zu gehen? 😃 Das Geheimnis ist gelüftet!“

By candidly discussing her underwear preferences on her daytime talk show, Drew Barrymore added a humorous touch. During a recent broadcast, to the surprise of her co-host and guests, the actress revealed that she occasionally goes commando. Co-host Ross Mathews sparked the topic by asking the group if they ever went without underwear. Barrymore and guest Chloe Fineman easily admitted that they don’t always wear underwear.

Barrymore was so open about it that she even shared a lighthearted story about her child. Apparently, her child has begun to playfully pull down her pants, knowing that she prefers to go commando.

Barrymore seems to have made her decision based mostly on comfort. She mentioned how comfortable certain materials feel on her skin, especially sweatpants. Barrymore also discussed with her daughters the importance of making decisions about what to wear on other occasions besides this one.

In another segment, Barrymore and singer Christina Aguilera discussed their daughters‘ inclination for revealing clothing. Both mothers laughed over the situation, realizing how challenging it can be to influence their daughters‘ style choices.

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